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My name is professor Marlies P. Schijven, MD PhD MHSc and I am a surgeon in the Academic Medical Center of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  

I hold the Chair in Simulation, Serious Gaming and Applied Mobile Healthcare, and love to see where tech actually fits in surgery. 

 Marlies Schijven Google Glass Surgeon

I am an academic surgeon and assistant professor with an open 'eye' for wearable technology and innovations in Healthcare. In October 2013, I was the first surgeon livestreaming an abdominal operation directly to YouTube as a proof of concept using Google Glass. Since then, I have been using Glass ever since, in various projects. 

My Google+ page may be accessed viagoogle.com/+Googleglasssurgeon
My personal Google page may be accessed via google.com/+MarliesSchijven

Want to join the growing community of surgeons interested in using Google Glass? Feel free to scrub in and join our community.


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